In a major event for Swiss banking and Bitcoin generally, Falcon Private Bank became the first Swiss bank to begin offering customers direct access to their Bitcoin and altcoin portfolios. Through a partnership with Bitcoin Suisse AG, the bank is able to provide the necessary infrastructure to allow clients access to their coin holdings.

The company representative said,

“This new product offering will enable Falcon Private Bank clients to hold, buy and sell Bitcoin directly through their e-banking platform or account manager.”

The move should come as no surprise to those following the Bitcoin and altcoin markets, as investors are ready and willing to start moving into cryptocurrencies in recent months.

The run-up in Bitcoin price has led to widespread commentary on banking and Blockchain, as well as bank interest in cryptocurrencies.

While the recent decline in pricing for cryptocurrencies generally has led many to believe that the market has reached a peak, most see another rise of pricing in the future. If so, Falcon Private Bank is set to help customers capitalize and may well lead other banks into the cryptocurrency market.