Bitcoin (BTC) wallets with a positive address have crossed 30 million for the first time — but less than 1% contain even 10 BTC.

According to the latest data from monitoring resource Bitinfocharts, a wallet balance of 10 BTC — or around $91,000 at today’s prices —  is enough to place the holder in the top 0.51% of addresses.

97.3% of Bitcoin wallets hold under 1 BTC

Balances of 10-100 BTC make up 0.45% of the total, while even wallets between 1-10 BTC contribute just 2.17%.

While it should be assumed that individuals’ holdings are often spread between multiple wallets, the figures imply that at current prices, $91,000 is sufficient to place the holder well within the minority of large BTC holders.

Wallets with much larger balances — exchanges and a small number of Bitcoin whales — also sway the statistics. There are now just over 30.4 million addresses with a balance, up from around 25 million at the same point in 2019. 

Total Bitcoin addresses with a balance. Source: Glassnode

Macro factors point to bigger uptake

As Cointelegraph reported, wallets holding certain balances have also hit new highs this year. Those containing at least 1 BTC were on target for 800,000 in March, indicating that at best, just that number of people controlled an entire Bitcoin.

Since the stock market meltdown, from which Bitcoin bounced back completely within weeks, exchanges have signaled that a fresh influx of interest has fuelled growth.

Coinbase, for example, reported a spate of Bitcoin buys worth $1,200 at the time that the United States government began dispersing stimulus checks. The second round of checks is already in progress. 

Elsewhere, frustration with fiat currency is leading to the desire to own Bitcoin increasing. As reported earlier this week, Lebanese employees appear to be overwhelmingly in favor of earning in BTC, not the Lebanese pound or even the U.S. dollar.