Crypto exchange Gemini announced compatibility with the Samsung Blockchain Wallet last week, allowing users to interact with the exchange through the wallet.  

U.S. and Canadian "Samsung Blockchain Wallet users can buy, sell and store crypto on their phones through the Gemini exchange," Gemini's managing director of operations, Jeanine Hightower-Selitto, told Cointelegraph via email correspondence. 

Two platforms interact 

The Samsung Blockchain Wallet app shows funds held on the Gemini exchange, letting customers interact with the platform, Hightower-Selitto said. Essentially, users now have more of a one-stop-shop experience through a single point of entry.

Hightower-Selitto explained:

"Users open their Samsung Blockchain Wallet app, initiate their purchase of cryptocurrency and are sent to the Gemini app to complete their purchase cryptocurrency. Once completed, they are then prompted to send their assets into the Samsung Blockchain Wallet."

Future integration plans 

The current integration works with Samsung Galaxy phones through a downloadable application. Hightower-Selitto could not provide details on any similar current or future Apple and iOS engagement though, noting:

"Gemini’s mission is to empower the individual through crypto, which means broadening the access to and ease of use of crypto for as many people as possible is always a goal."

Although they are known for their work with regulators, Gemini founders Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss also appreciate user protection, as expressed in a recent podcast episode with Peter McCormack.