A crypto project says it is changing the game of decentralized portfolio management — and delivers an all-in-one platform that brings everything users need under one roof.

DEXKIT has been built to provide a genuinely user-friendly way of managing and trading digital assets. The application features a DEX aggregator, professional exchange, NFT marketplace, and dashboard where users can monitor asset performance.

The DSwap aggregator continually monitors more than 30 decentralized exchanges on the Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum networks, delivering up-to-the-minute crypto data. Swaps can be filled by multiple protocols at once which can result in more tokens for trades. This is complemented by a full-suite, professional trading platform that unlocks the best prices and liquidity from top DeFi protocols and decentralized exchanges.

Features that help DEXKIT stand head and shoulders above the competition include the ability to place limit orders on the ETH network without gas fees. Given how transaction costs have been spiraling out of control on this blockchain, this will be music to the ears of those who have been struggling to contend with how expensive trades have become.

DEXKIT’s infrastructure will also support stop limits and leveraged trades, and unlock access to automated bots that search for arbitrage opportunities across exchanges.

Open to all

As well as catering to the needs of users directly, DEXKIT offers white-label solutions that allow up-and-coming crypto businesses to run powerful trading applications complete with their own branding. Its infrastructure can also be integrated into Wordpress kits in a big boost for accessibility.

A fully customizable NFT exchange also allows anyone to sell their artwork and trading cards to the public — empowering creators. DEXKIT says this marketplace will have safeguards in place to ensure that consumers can be certain they’re purchasing genuine works rather than fakes.

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“DEXKIT is revolutionizing the DeFi space with financial applications that make trading and portfolio management easy,” the company said.

New milestones

DEXKIT has been built on the 0x protocol, which it describes as one of the most efficient protocols that currently exists on Ethereum.

Just this month, DEXKIT was able to add Polygon integration, after the 0x API went live on that blockchain. That integrates all of the existing liquidity sources on Polygon — including QuickSwap, SushiSwap, Curve, Dodo, mStable, Dfyn, and Cometh, among others.

Earlier this year, Polygon merged in the ultra-scalable Matic Network, which is capable of handling 65,000 transactions per second on a single one of Matic’s EMV-enabled sidechains. As 0x develops, DEXKIT will continue to onboard more protocols with advanced aggregation and eventually, cross-chain swaps.

Its intuitive dashboard is designed to offer detailed analytics on a plethora of protocols, chains, pools and tokens — giving crypto enthusiasts the freedom to manage a diverse portfolio spanning BTC, ETH, DOT token contracts and DeFi tokens in one place.

Binance Smart Chain was recently integrated into its aggregator, and now, DEXKIT’s swap platform supports more than 20 protocols on Ethereum and eight on BSC. KIT, the project’s native token, has also bridged to BSC — further decentralizing the liquidity of the token.

Many projects in this bustling space often set ambitious roadmaps, filled with dozens of milestones that span years into the future. DEXKIT says that it has already managed to exceed its planned roadmap since launching last November — quickly adding functionality that may otherwise have taken months to accomplish. Community members are also regularly updated on the latest developments through bi-weekly livestreams, delivering levels of accountability that some rival platforms don’t provide.

Looking ahead, DEXKIT is vowing to continue enhancing the user experience across all of its applications, onboard its multicurrency wallet, implement farming and staking pools for BSC, and enable users to mint new NFT collections with ease.

As “super apps” continue to gain popularity, DEXKIT says its ambition is to streamline crypto investing — delivering all of the information that a user needs in one place. The founders say that the fragmented nature of this industry can be overwhelming, making analysis and portfolio management “an arduous chore for market participants.” Worse still, this can also dissuade new users from engaging in the most innovative tools available.

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