US mainstream media network CNBC has caused a stir after airing a step-by-step tutorial on how to buy Ripple on Poloniex.

In what would previously have been an unlikely format for the broadcaster, host Brian Kelly used screens of the Poloniex order book to guide consumers through the process of specifically acquiring Ripple’s XRP token.

He then performed a live spot trade in which he converted around three BTC to XRP.

“I’ve bought all that Ripple - that’s how easy and fast it is,” Kelly commented.

While the edition of CNBC’s Fast Money segment is conspicuous for its arguably promotional rather than informative nature, it is not the first time the network has chosen to overtly ‘plug’ a certain cryptocurrency.

In December, the sudden appearance of pro-Bitcoin Cash content both on air and on social media accounts raised significant suspicions from the cryptocurrency community.

XRP’s astronomical price rise has meanwhile likewise given rise to concerns from those unconvinced by the utility of the token versus the platform itself. Ripple businesses are not required to invest in XRP.

Nonetheless, CEO Brad Garlinghouse remains adamant its use as a currency will deal a blow to Bitcoin, a perspective mainstream publications other than CNBC have since jumped on.

“A lot for the speculation that’s gone on about XRP lately is people realizing Bitcoin is not going to be the kind of panacea of all things Blockchain we once thought it would be,” Garlinghouse told NBC.

“Instead you’re having vertical specific. XRP is solving a payments problem and it’s very efficient to do that.”