Bitcoin wallet vendor Mycelium has announced the release of their new Bitcoin wallet and the launch of its crowdsale. This announcement was posted on Reddit and states that the new wallet shall be simply called Mycelium.

The announcement claims that the new wallet has been equipped with a plug in API that will allow anyone to integrate their own services and features directly into the wallet.

Prior to this, companies whose services run on Mycelium were usually added to the platform by its developers. But according to this release, with the new API businesses and developers will be able to add their own plug-ins quickly and easily without waiting for Mycelium developers to do it.

A spokesperson of Mycelium says:

“This also allows businesses to focus on their core business strengths. For example, an exchange's main job is to create and manage trades. Making a custom wallet specifically for their exchange is a distraction and an unnecessary cost. With our wallet, they can let us focus on the front-end, UI, and trade functions, while they focus on just making sure all their users' money is handled securely and trades are settled correctly.”

Support for multiple currencies and digital assets

Another feature claimed to be embedded in the new wallet is the ability to support many more digital assets beyond Bitcoin.

With the help of the plugin API architecture, anyone would be able to add support for any type of currency or asset, be it Litecoin, Doge, ColoredCoin, Ether, Factom, or personally issued assets like stocks, tickets, or hotel keys.

A spokesperson explains:

“We are uniquely positioned to have an advantage in this, because Mycelium already runs a set of highly optimized backend servers that handle and transfer digital assets. We plan to extend this backend architecture to support many more such assets.”

Full financial management suite

Apart from managing various assets, the company claims that the new app will let users perform a large number of financial management functions, from creating, tracking, and paying invoices, to tracking budgets, revenues and expenses, profits and losses, inventory, and customer and contact lists.

Also that there will also be social media integration, and encrypted communication built right into the app.

The goal is to allow anyone, from someone managing their personal finances to someone running their large business, manage all their finances from our app.

Support for multiple platforms

Mycelium is switching to the ReactNative platform, and going fully open source.

The new platform will allow it to run mostly the same code on Android and iOS (with Windows Phone and eventually PC in the near future, too).

All users will have the same user experience, and have access to largely the same functions (except for some hardware limitations).


Alexander Kuzmin, CEO at Mycelium, also announces that 5% of Mycelium is up for Crowdsale among its users and Bitcoin / cryptocurrency / blockchain technology developers and supporters.

Kuzmin says that the company wants Mycelium users to be stakeholders. The company thinks that it is much better when the stakeholders are users, partners and customers.

It will use the money to support the current version (and update it from time to time with the new features) as well as to develop the new Mycelium that it has already started working on about six months ago.

Kuzmin also says that the new Mycelium will inherit all of the Bitcoin functionality that the Mycelium Wallet has now and will get a lot more. It is being designed for both Android and iOS from the very beginning and will be much closer to non-bitcoin (blockchain) users utilizing blockchain for managing fiat with several other features.

In addition to this, the company has already gone through all the necessary internal legal procedures needed to carry out the Crowdsale.