Despite the continuing mystery on the regulation issues that face the Bitcoin community, many businesses continue to add Bitcoin as a payment option for their customers.

While the percentage of the population that uses Bitcoin remains small, some of the largest retail companies in the world are opening their doors to virtual currencies. This month, additions include many types of businesses, such as web design experts, jet charters and family markets.

Family Markets in Taiwan

There are more than 7,000 FamilyMart locations in the small island nation of Taiwan. FamilyMart has decided to allow customers to buy Bitcoin in nearly 3,000 of their stores.

The Japanese company is heavily invested in Taiwan, but it has not explored Bitcoin because of the lack of infrastructure in the country, until very recently. The move by FamilyMart now makes it easier to find a place to buy Bitcoin in Taiwan than it is to find a bank ATM on the island.

A Web Host That Uses Artificial Intelligence

The Grid is a far different website builder than the likes of GoDaddy and HostGator. According to the site, it uses the power of artificial intelligence. The Grid takes URLs, text, images, videos, etc., and automatically places them for you in the most efficient and appealing designs.

Instead of hiring an expensive web developer, The Grid does the work for you by adapting to your needs automatically. Now the website has elected to accept Bitcoin as a form of payment, and so far users are saying the process is flawless, including the Bitcoin payment system.

A Tailor in South Korea

Hana Suit is based in South Korea and is operated by a Mr. Holmes. Holmes recently announced, “I will do my part in the growing cryptocurrency economy. I will create a service that will allow people to use their Bitcoin, Litecoin or Dogecoin” to buy suits custom-made according the measurements that his customers send to him.

Holmes wants to become the “main online suit tailor for the cryptocurrency community,” and by offering to accept at least three different coins, he is certainly off to a good start. His tailors, he says, are all very experienced, having spent years tailoring military uniforms. Holmes believes that every member of the community should have at least one custom-made suit.

A Private Jet Charter

If you are thinking about that dream vacation to Bermuda, or simply have an important business trip coming up, and you dislike the insanity that comes from regular flying, then PrivateFly, might be what you are looking for. The company provides a private jet-booking service.

The good news is that PrivateFly is now allowing its clients to pay with virtual currency. The company has seen an increasing demand from its customers to accept Bitcoin to pay the average €20,000 bill, which is can be too high for credit card payments because of credit limits. Mehdi Dialmy, head of the company’s flight department said:

"By using BitPay to make the transaction, we instantly convert the amount into euros or sterling to minimize the risk. This approach is already in use at all of the international companies that already accept Bitcoin."

Dialmy is enthusiastic about Bitcoin, but he says that currently it only accounts for about 5 % of their revenues, and he does not expect it to overtake other forms of payment any time soon.

An Australian University

The first Australian university to accept Bitcoin is now on the books. Flinders University, located in Adelaide, South Australia, will now be accepting Bitcoin payments through its New Venture Institute. Currently, the program is only in effect for its Venture Dorm, the 12-week entrepreneurial educational program run by New Venture Institute and the Entrepreneurs in Conversation event series.

Australia is a leading nation in Bitcoin acceptance, with ATMs in three cities—Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra—and with more than 160 vendors accepting the cryptocurrency, but so far this is the only college to begin limited acceptance.

A Canadian Coffee Shop

Café Aunja will now be the only café in Montreal to accept Bitcoin. The shop is located in downtown Montreal. A Google review called it:

“[A] cozy basement-level Persian tea and coffee spot offering sweets, art on the walls and live music.”

The shop has a cozy fireplace nook and bookshelf, if you want to pass the time reading or simply browsing. Along with coffee and tea, the shop offers an excellent menu as well. Every teapot is served with a few Persian chickpea cookies to help the digestion, and the atmosphere is designed for relaxation.

A Private Hospital in Poland

Medicover hospital in Poland, which specializes in obesity treatment and elective surgeries such as plastic surgery, recently announced that it would be accepting Bitcoin for payment of services. The hospital receives excellent reviews.

While they are only accepting Bitcoin at one location so far, they say they plan to expand to their other facilities and will soon be adding Bitcoin ATMs in the lobby’s. Patients will be able to pay all costs related to their surgeries, including doctors fees, room, hotel and transport from the airport. The hospital also is willing to assist patients with the cost of travel to Poland.

A Charity for Children

The Ronald McDonald House Charities of the Capital Region, Inc. in Albany, NY, became the first chapter of the US charity to accept Bitcoin. The charity “promotes the health, development and well being of children and their families” by providing “a home away from home for families of seriously ill children.”

Now people can donate in Bitcoin. The charity, which collects cans as one method to raise money, follows the adage that “every little bit helps.” Now every bit helps quite literally. 

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