Ripple, the payment services using digital currency XRP, is looking for an expert specializing in central bank digital currencies, or CBDCs.

According to a recent job posting by Ripple, the firm is seeking a senior director of central bank engagements focusing on supporting CBDC initiatives with Ripple’s real-time gross settlement system, XRP Ledger. 

With the new position, Ripple is looking to define its CBDC strategy with central banks, build relationships and projects, as well as educate global central bankers, the job posting notes. The position requires over 10 years of experience in technology sales or account management involving selling to large financial institutions or central banks.

The latest job posting reaffirms Ripple’s intentions to implement its technology for developing CBDCs. In September 2020, Ripple published a CBDC-related post, touting its payments network RippleNet as a necessary tool for enabling interoperability between global CBDC initiatives. In August, Emi Yoshikawa, senior director of global operations at Ripple, claimed that XRP will not compete with CBDCs but is rather complementary.

It’s unclear whether Ripple is involved in any of the ongoing CBDC pilots or not so far. However, the company has still been in touch with some global central banks. In May 2020, Ripple reportedly had a closed-door meeting with the central bank of Brazil to discuss “institutional matters.”