If you thought ICO announcements were big news, just consider what was announced by Olivier Janssens, founder of Freedom Investments, and Roger Ver, of Bitcoin Foundation fame.

The team, along with a trove of attorneys and other professionals, is seeking to establish its own independent nation, governed by libertarian values, and invites anyone who shares their political views or are just ‘free thinkers’ to join them.

The country, reminiscent of Ayn Rand’s Galtian paradise, is intended to be a place where those who reject governmental controls and seek to maintain libertarian freedoms can gather and promote a truly free society. 

The process of purchasing sovereignty over a part of land from another country is not without precedent (for example, the US lease of Guantanamo Bay in Cuba). However, the team has yet to disclose the location, nor has indicated what entry standards would be required. 

oxRoger Ver and Maria Jones of Cointelegraph

The locations being evaluated include areas with safe, conflict-free areas, proximity to economic centers in the US, Europe, and Asia, and accessibility by water. The team is hoping to offer a stable government with substantial national debt a way to eliminate some of that debt with a land lease to FreeSociety.

Roger Ver, in his announcement, did indicate that the country is ‘not an ICO!’, though he was quick to point out that participants could join. Legally, the country will have a constitution, but only after final negotiations are complete. The team hopes to establish a precedent for future sovereign nations, stating:

“It is important to establish a proper rule of law, as our project will set an example for the industry and create an important precedent with governments and the world. We want to make sure the constitution is solid but avoid the inefficiencies of existing government structures.”

Soon Cointelegraph will publish an interview with Roger Ver.