Story of Coincheck: How to Rebound After the ‘Biggest Theft in the History of the World’

Those who held Bitcoin through the Mt. Gox hack of 2014 experienced one of the most tumultuous times in cryptocurrency history, having seen some of the darkest days in the ecosystem. However, Mt. Gox has been overtaken as the biggest single exchange hack with Coincheck, also a Japanese exchange, taking the title.

While thieves walked away with a bigger payday from the recent hack, the effect on the entire cryptocurrency market was far less severe. Were there lessons that have been learnt from previous hacks? Or perhaps the market has become more secure and steady in the light of major tragedies.

In a strange twist of fate, Coincheck may have an offer tabled to it by Japanese brokerage firm, Monex, who are mulling over buying a majority stake in the cryptocurrency exchange.

Regardless of the aftermath, and the effects it could still have, it is important to go over the past few months and see how this