Toronto Bitcoin Expo Team Reveals Details of the Event

As summer events of the Bitcoin environment are already announced, spring meetups open details and populate up-to-date schedules. The Bitcoin Alliance of Canada is holding Bitcoin Expo in April; it is perfect timing to provide attendees with exact agenda and speakers’ list.

The mentioned meetup is one in the series of similar events in Canada. The Bitcoin Summit in Toronto has been conducted in October of 2013, but Coinfest in Vancouver was awaiting its guests last February. The expo is starting on the 11th April and will last for the whole weekend. The presentations have to be visited on Saturday and Sunday, but Friday will feature a gala dinner.

The developers of the schedule believe to welcome participants from all over the world. The prognoses see potential visitors not only from North America, but also Europe and Asia.

The Venue

The Bitcoin gathering will occupy the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. The board has booked 4 rooms, among them 2 speaking rooms with 500 seating places, a smaller speaking room, a media room and some smaller discussion areas.

The smaller speaking room with the volume of 200 seats is going to be used to conduct a “Learn More About Bitcoin” panel on Saturday morning for heating up before the main attractions.

The comfortable space is also appropriate for numerous stands and hackathon about cryptographic technologies.

Bitcoin expo

The Prices

It is not necessary to bother the readers with a long narration on the prices, but it is important to point out the fact that they are really low in comparison with similar events in other countries. Having a totally free meeting in the frame of the overall event allows the expo to stand out. For the general pricing just visit the registration page.

If any of the guests will feel dissatisfied with humble costs, the organizers are accepting sponsorships. The routine will be building upon volunteers, but it does not mean that such an influential expo does not require support. There are different packages for special additions.

The Speakers

The full list of participants has been announced and can be viewed online. Still the CoinTelegraph would advise not to miss some special guests able to provide interesting, relevant and very practical information.

The key figure is definitely a long-time Bitcoin advocate, enthusiast and activist Andreas Antonopoulos of the Let’s Talk Bitcoin, RootEleven. Recently he has given comments on the situation around Mt.Gox and is always a welcome speaker at any of cryptographic events.  

Anthony Di Iorio representing several companies at once - Bitcoin Alliance of Canada, Kryptokit, Ethereum, Bitcoin Decentral, and Accelerate – is the Bitcoin ambassador of Canada. As the major part of the auditory will be definitely formed from local coin users his presentation might become buzzing.

Our top-3 would not be sterling without some alternative scope even in case of alternative currencies. Cody Wilson from Defense Distributed, Dark Wallet naming himself crypto-anarchist is a speaker capable to spice up the evening.

The CoinTelegraph is waiting impatiently for the event to cover the most interesting details and report them to the readers.

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