Being a trader, even a very experienced one, is not an easy job, especially in the crypto industry. The stress of making decisions under pressure and in a very short period of time takes a toll on you. This is when trading tools and charts come in handy. TradingView, an online data platform, is a very popular and useful tool for traders. They use it to track prices and analyze stocks, bonds, indices, cryptocurrencies, and other assets.

Novice traders can use TradingView’s insights from experienced traders to make better trading decisions. For experienced users, the platform can become an essential tool in their daily crypto routine.

A variety of the TradingView signals is available through a subscription to TradeSanta’s advanced or maximum plan — depending on your choice to use custom or preset signals. Users can trade via Binance (including spot and futures trading), Huobi, OKEx, Coinbase Pro and HitBTC.

Making trading simpler

TradeSanta, a cloud platform with trading bots, offers two TradingView signals’ options: built-in preset signals based on TradingView Screener and custom signals that a user can acquire and/or create on TradingView site and connect to bots via webhooks. Currently,  the signals can be used for a new trade; the team has also added a stop signals option for custom TradingView signals to pause the platform’s bot or turn on the "last cycle" option.


According to TradeSanta, the platform currently has more than 190,000 users and over 20,000,000 completed deals.

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The custom TradingView signals allow users to connect any alert they created or found in the TradingView community to TradeSanta’s bots via webhook. All they need to do is copy unique messages from a bot’s page and paste it to a TradingView alert for a deal start they are willing to use.

As for the preset TradingView signals, they are based on the TradingView Screener feature built on Oscillators, a technical analysis tool, and trend-following indicators. A user would need to choose what value of the signal they want to use: Strong Buy or Buy to go long or Sell or Strong Sell to go short.

TradeSanta’s team shares that this feature is just the first step of the many they plan to implement to make crypto trading clear and user-friendly, ensuring that joining the community without special knowledge and years of experience is as smooth as possible.

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