Following Ledger's confirmed data breach on June 17, competing hardware wallet manufacturer Trezor cheekily made their followers aware that they frequently purge their systems of all customer order data, including email addresses — apparently every 90 days.

Trezor also added a coupon in its tweet that offers 10% discount in its shop, and the code is “DATAPRIVACY.”

However, despite the measures announced in the tweet, people asked the company if their “database backups and logs” will be included in the sensitive data purge every 90 days. No response has been provided by Trezor as of press time.

Ledger already notified users that the database breached in the security incident contained over 1 million email addresses, and an additional 9,500 pieces of personal information like first name, last name, phone number, and postal address.

Earlier today, the French-based hardware crypto wallet provider clarified that payment information and crypto funds “are safe.” 

Ledger additionally published a tweet with the following clarification:

“This data breach has no link and no impact whatsoever with our hardware wallets nor Ledger Live security and your crypto assets, which are safe and have never been in peril.”

This is a developing story and will be updated.