Cardiff-based cryptocurrency insurance startup Coincover has launched an insurance policy covering theft and loss. 

Local news outlet Whales247 reported on Sept. 24 that this is “the first and only service to guarantee digital funds held online will not be lost or stolen.” 

Coincover’s service reportedly monitors the wallet at all times and issues warnings in case of suspected theft, recovers funds in case of private key loss, manages key backups, provides cash replacement value in case of theft, and checks for any suspicious activity.

Making crypto less risky

Furthermore, the startup covers over 100 different crypto assets and the company has been invited by the UK’s Department for International Trade as one of the eleven insurance technology companies to share expertise in the Silicon Valley market. Coincover co-founder David Janczewski commented on the development:

“Cryptocurrency ownership is growing fast and becoming more mainstream, but it can still feel like a risky investment. Virtual currencies, by their very nature, are a new concept for many.”

Janczewski also notes that cryptocurrencies have been attributed to crime and scandal since the start as well as hacks and thefts. These are the issues his company is trying to solve, he explained.

As Cointelegraph recently reported, according to industry experts the cryptocurrency insurance market is expected to grow at a faster rate if United States regulators provide more regulatory clarity.

Meanwhile, cryptocurrency insurance is becoming a more prevalent service in the industry, namely for custodial services. For instance, earlier this month Bitcoin (BTC) futures firm Bakkt announced that deposits held in its warehouse are protected by a $125 million insurance policy.