Weekend Roundup: Bank of England’s Report, Russia Mulls a BTC Ban, and Volatility Returns

1. Bank of England Issues a Report on Cryptocurrencies

Carlo Caraluzzo reported last Sunday that while the Bank of England’s report on digital currencies demonstrated a grasp of the technology’s potential, it fell short in other respects or perhaps outright made up its facts.

“The fact is however that the Bank’s report either accidentally or intentionally ignored a great deal of evidence that indicates the exact opposite of their findings and they completely ignored international impact. In actuality, the report seems more like a piece of candy to make the Board feel better than an honest assessment of digital currencies and their potential effect.”

2. Russian Deputy Finance Minister: People Cannot Use ‘Surrogate’ Currencies as Legal Tender

Alyssa Hertig reported Monday that the Russian ministry of finance appears willing to try a ban on Bitcoin within the country, with a new draft piece of legislatio