DopeCoin News

Dopecoin is a decentralized, digital currency and payment system that came to existence in 2014. Developers define Dopecoin’s mission as an attempt of “providing marijuana enthusiasts with a modern and secure way of doing business for the 21st century”.
Dopecoin tries to solve the problem of banks unwillingness to work with marijuana sellers as they are also operating in states and countries where this drug is illegal. It also helps dealers not worry about transporting and storing money that often includes bribery and payments. There is a total amount of 200 million DOPE for Dopecoin. It works on a Proof-of-Stake algorithm and gives holders a staking interest of 5% annually. The currency name was rebranded as Dopecoin Gold, with the same ticker (DOPE). All the old coins are worthless after February 1, 2018, and now the team is planning to add some new features to improve the currency.