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How does a Swiss winery get involved in cryptocurrencies? Is that something other winemakers and/or arts collaborators should get in on at this stage in those e...
Interview: Chris Courtney from the myFINBEC art and wine project
Anthony Wall
Brett Arends at the Wall Street Journal had an op-ed on Friday called “Why Cash Is King Again” that makes one nice small point but misses a larger one.
Wall Street Journal presents myopic view on cryptocurrencies, cash
Anthony Wall
Dorian Nakamoto, in a statement released via his attorney, has said that he “unconditionally” denies Newsweek’s story the identifies him as the creator of Bitco...
Dorian Nakamoto refutes Newsweek story outing him as Bitcoin creator
Anthony Wall
GHash.IO, the mining pool that almost created a 51% attack back in January, recently announced some big changes, including a Scrypt mining pool that allows cust...
Interview with Jeffrey Smith of GHash.IO
Anthony Wall
Most of us know the feeling: You hire a professional decorator to design the living room of your dreams and outfit it with the coolest design furniture around, ...
Vancouver man selling woolly mammoth tusks for 275 BTC
Anthony Wall
A Finn who made a fortune in Bitcoins and silver has purchased a 15th century manor in the north of Estonia with the hopes of turning it into an international B...
3 Words You Didn’t Expect to See Together: Bitcoin, Castle, Estonia
Anthony Wall
462 reported that Mt. Gox had filed for Chapter 15 bankruptcy protection in the United States. Chapter 15 is typically the chapter filed for when a ...
The Mt. Gox story just gets uglier
Anthony Wall
The great irony in Newsweek reporter Leah McGrath Goodman’s story outing Dorian Nakamoto as Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto revolves around the role of trust i...
The most important lesson from the Dorian Nakamoto story
Anthony Wall

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