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Bogdan Ulm is a writer, translator, journalist and Cryptocurrencies enthusiast. He started working for Cointelegraph in 2014 and wants to contribute in bringing the Bitcoin-related press to a whole new level. He has three big passions in life: The Doors, Travels and Cryptocurrencies.

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A group of hackers tried to leverage the current conflict between Ukraine and Russia by distributing malware aimed at Bitcoin wallets.
Bitcoin Malware Used to Exploit the Russia-Ukraine Crisis
Bogdan Ulm
More and more business are beginning to accept Bitcoin as a payment option. The digital currency has gained a lot of popularity in the last year, and it's not j...
New Businesses Accepting BTC:, EIGHT Eyewear, a Psychic and more
Bogdan Ulm
More and more business are beginning to love Bitcoin. The digital currency has gained a lot of popularity in the last year, and it's not just being accepted by ...
New Businesses Accepting Bitcoin: Shipito, New Age Auto Sales, and more
Bogdan Ulm
A few new Bitcoin ATMS, also called BTMS (Bitcoin teller machines), recently started to operate in five different cities across four continents.
New Bitcoin ATMS: First Machines Invade NY, Dallas, South Africa
Bogdan Ulm
This year’s Bitcoinference Summer 2014 will take place at the Amsterdam Science Park. The conference will be held September 3 - September 5.
Bitcoinference Summer 2014 will take place in Amsterdam
Bogdan Ulm
Let's see some more businesses keen on entering the fascinating world of cryptocurrency.
New Businesses Accepting Bitcoin: Rakuten Logistics US, CloudFlare, Radical.FM and More
Bogdan Ulm
Australian Taxation Office just released its guidance on the tax treatment of cryptocurrencies. The set of regulations coincides with Australia's 2013-1014 inco...
Australia’s Tax Office Releases Bitcoin Guidelines
Bogdan Ulm
Professional trading platform Kraken has announced it will open up operations in Japan sometime next month.
Kraken Sets Sight on Japan, Company CEO: “Compared to Japan, the United States is in the Dark Ages”
Bogdan Ulm

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