Bogdan Ulm

Bogdan Ulm is a writer, translator, journalist and Cryptocurrencies enthusiast. He started working for Cointelegraph in 2014 and wants to contribute in bringing the Bitcoin-related press to a whole new level.

He has three big passions in life: The Doors, Travels and Cryptocurrencies.

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SEP 16, 2014

New Bitcoin ATMs: SF gets first BTM as Argentina, Germany and Italy get more locations

SEP 16, 2014

Now Accepting BTC:, Traverse Bay Farms and more as Overstock Goes Global

SEP 09, 2014

New businesses to accept payments in Bitcoin

SEP 09, 2014

Will a Bitcoin ETF Help Bitcoin Go Mainstream?

SEP 06, 2014

From Hawaii to Slovenia to Zurich to Canada, Bitcoin ATMs Have Gone Mainstream

SEP 02, 2014

Listen to your Bitcoins with Sound Wallet

SEP 02, 2014

New Businesses Accepting BTC: Apache Software, Ombushop, Laundry Locker and More

SEP 01, 2014

200+ Bitcoin ATMs Globally and Counting: Grand Rapids, Albuquerque, Budapest and More

AUG 28, 2014

Bitcoin Malware Used to Exploit the Russia-Ukraine Crisis

AUG 27, 2014

New Businesses Accepting BTC:, EIGHT Eyewear, a Psychic and more

AUG 26, 2014

New Businesses Accepting Bitcoin: Shipito, New Age Auto Sales, and more

AUG 25, 2014

New Bitcoin ATMS: First Machines Invade NY, Dallas, South Africa

AUG 23, 2014

Bitcoinference Summer 2014 will take place in Amsterdam

AUG 20, 2014

New Businesses Accepting Bitcoin: Rakuten Logistics US, CloudFlare, Radical.FM and More

AUG 20, 2014

Australia’s Tax Office Releases Bitcoin Guidelines