Simon Chandler

Simon Chandler is a journalist based in Hove, UK. He writes mostly about technology, with his specialties including cryptocurrencies, AI, VR, and social media. He also occasionally writes about politics, culture and music, and has contributed to the likes of Wired, the Daily Dot, the Verge, Computer Weekly, Techcrunch, Bandcamp Daily, the New Internationalist, the Kenyon Review, and Tiny Mix Tapes

AUG 05, 2018

Money or Assets? How World Governments Define Cryptocurrencies

JUL 31, 2018

Blockchain on Campus: Universities Finding Their Role as Researcher and Promoter

JUL 15, 2018

Universities Racing to Provide Lectures on Crypto: Opportunities and Pitfalls

JUL 09, 2018

Bitcoin vs Altcoins: Which Cryptocurrency Is the Most Usable as Money?

JUN 26, 2018

What World Leaders Think About Crypto, and How They Want Decentralization to Bolster Centralized Power

JUN 12, 2018

Video Games and Blockchain: New Experience for Players or More Profit for Developers?

JUN 10, 2018

Bitnation, Liberland, Puertopia and Other Micronations Are Gaining Independence via Crypto, but Crypto Alone May Not Be Enough

MAY 25, 2018

Mining Malware Continues To Dominate Cybersecurity Threats By Seeking Out New Vulnerabilities