Given that Bitcoin is the electronic cash for the Internet, it is most likely to be spent online. Different sites like Amazon or Best Buy accept BTC. It’s also possible to purchase gift cards for many shops at There are even a few marketplaces built specifically for Bitcoin spending like SpendBitcoins or Spendabit, where you can find almost everything you need with millions of items listed for sale.

As Bitcoins are gaining more popularity, more options of how to spend them appear. Some companies like Microsoft or Green Man Gaming which produce video games have started offering both these games and mobile apps for BTC.

How about food? You can get some pizza or just use Foodler to find any dish you like. Foodler is an online delivery and takeout service that has been working since early 2013.

It’s also possible to order some high-quality Swiss pharmacy or even luxury diamond jewelry with BTC. At some of these places, prices are not listed in Bitcoin, but there’s an option of paying with BTC at checkout.

Around the world with BTC

Some individuals are fond of traveling and would like to spend their BTC on new experiences. One of the world’s largest travel booking agencies Expedia can help with that. The payments are actually processed by Coinbase, who Expedia has partnered with to enable the BTC checkout option.

CheapAir and TravelForCoins accept Bitcoins as payment for the flight tickets. Soon customers will be able to book not only airplane seats but also hotel rooms. And if you are not fond of flights, you can visit Ships and Trips Travel to get a cruise.

One of the travel agencies - Young Pioneer Tours - works with groups and individual clients that are on a constrained budget. Touristic routes go to different parts of the world, but, curiously, the agency specializes in trips to North Korea.

But let’s leave e-commerce behind for a few minutes. Next, we’re gonna take a look at some examples of real-life merchants who accept Bitcoins.

Where to go and what to buy

In the US, for example, you can visit a large jewelry chain REEDS Jewelers. Its head office is located in Wilmington, North Carolina and about 64 more retail locations can be found in the eastern part of the US.

In Glasgow, Scotland you can find the CeX store which sells films and video games. It’s a UK technology exchange and retailer, which launched a single store accepting Bitcoin-only payments in 2014. Now there are more than 30 stores across Britain.

Bitcoin-friendly bars and restaurants are something of an exception, but you can still find some in almost every country. Not going far from the UK, we can mention London’s Pembury Tavern or the Burger Bear. The Old Fitzroy pub in Sydney, Australia or The Pink Cow in Tokyo also welcome Bitcoiners for dinner.

In the Netherlands, even some toponymic changes have been made. A number of businesses on two streets in Hague – Bierkade and Groenewegje – have started accepting BTC, and on March 20, 2014, a so-called “Bitcoin Boulevard” appeared. The street hosts nine restaurants, bars and even an art gallery which will accept BTC.

And if you ever get lost during your Bitcoin shopping spree - there is always a special map to help you get your bearings.