Blockchain Platform to Promote Japanese Culture Through Movies, TV Shows and Music

A blockchain-based company says it is seeking to cater to what it calls a growing demand for Japanese culture — creating animations, music, games and movies, as international interest in this industry grows.

According to MINDOL’s white paper, the country’s government is investing heavily in a “cool Japan” strategy, designed to showcase powerful content and enable a market already worth 12 trillion yen domestically (about $108 million) to generate even more revenue from devoted fans in the U.S., Europe and elsewhere.

The company has a thorough plan for producing content, and several projects are already in the works. MINDOL has the goal of regularly producing TV programs and hosting artist content that nurture new talent and open up new opportunities. And, in an attempt to reach younger audiences, the platform aims to establish relationships with social media influencers on Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

MINDOL says famous producers who specialize in TV, film, animation and publishing have already agreed to join its platform. According to the company, it has partnered with Mushi Production, a Japanese animation studio.

At the heart of the company’s ecosystem is a marketplace called eMINDOL, helping consumers to view content, buy products, and invest in the projects they feel most passionate about. The public will also have the chance to give donations to their favorite stars, enabling them to make a living. Stakeholders will have the a