California Governor Gavin Newsom warned the public against Bitcoin (BTC) fraudsters during his live speech about the coronavirus outbreak.

On March 26, Newsom mentioned the leading cryptocurrency as part of his official speech about what measures had been taken by the state to prevent the further spread of the virus in California.

Newsom went on raising the public’s awareness and understanding that “extraordinary people, who do extraordinary bad things,” are apparently taking advantage of the pandemic, and further explained:

“That doesn’t just include an interface with the government, but people claiming that we need to send the equivalent of Bitcoin in advance to get some materials before they can send them. Questionable activities like that.”

Crypto fraudsters try to benefit on the coronavirus-driven panic

Newsom thus joined the ranks of other global authorities, who are concerned of cryptocurrency fraudsters trying to capitalize on the widespread coronavirus fears. More recently, the United States Commodity Futures Trading Commission cautioned the public that scammers commonly use major news events like the spread of COVID-19 in order to add credibility to their scam schemes or manipulate emotions.

The United Kingdom police also issued a warning against COVID-19 scammers, after it identified 21 cases of fraud involving the virus, earlier in March.

Some online perpetrators are even impersonating the World Health Organization in an attempt to steal cryptocurrency donations to fight the COVID-19 pandemic.