China’s Center for Information and Industry Development, or CCID, revealed on June 18 that its 18th CCID Global Public Chain Technology Evaluation Index. This index ranked 37 well-known global cryptos using technical specifications.

According to the table published by local media Chainnews, Bitcoin (BTC) was placed in the 12th place, with 106.2 points.

The criteria used to evaluate cryptocurrencies include basic technology, applicability, features, performance, safety, creativity and decentralization.

At the top of the table, EOS leads the ranking with 156.1 points, followed by TRON with 138.43 points and Ether (ETH) with 136.4 points. The leading cryptocurrency scored 20.4 points in applicability and 24.7 in creativity, while the second place had 28.4 and 15.5 points, respectively.

Bitcoin scales up from previous ranking’s 17th place

The fourth and fifth places are IOST and LSK with 130.3 and 119.3 points, respectively, highlighting that XRP is in 14th place with just 105 points.

Interestingly, Bitcoin was even lower down the list in a previous ranking, at 17th place. At that time, it had a rating of only 43 points in terms of innovation and 19.9 for applicability.

Tron leads the ranking despite a tense relationship with Chinese authorities

Tron’s founder and CEO, Justin Sun, warned that Chinese authorities raised suspicions over the platform’s legal status. This has led to a tense relationship with Chinese authorities for Sun in recent days.

In 2019, an incident involving Tron led to Chinese police surrounding the project’s office in Beijing. New media at the time claimed that Tron’s office was raided by police, but Sun indicated that this was “fake news.”