Crypto exchange Coinbase’s user-controlled Coinbase Wallet has enabled its clients to use decentralized apps (DApps) on any desktop browser through the WalletLink service.

Expanded access to DApps

According to an official blog post on Aug. 22, Coinbase Wallet’s users can now use their DApps via WalletLink, which serves as a bridge between the app and the customer’s desktop browser.

As of publishing time, Coinbase has tested WalletLink with Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Opera and blockchain-based decentralized browser Brave. The company plans to add support for native mobile apps and more currencies in the future.

This spring, Coinbase introduced a service to link users’ accounts on its main platform to its Coinbase Wallet app, where a customer’s cryptocurrencies and private keys are stored. 

DApps around the world

Earlier this week, major cryptocurrency exchange Huobi added wallet support for an autonomous protocol for finance DApps called Compound. The Huobi Wallet will support both its tokens and its DApp, which is designed for crypto lending.

Also this month, South Korean tech giant Samsung integrated a digital analytics DApp called Jupiter — as well as the QR code-based password wallet Mars — into Galaxy S10 and newer versions of its smartphones. Samsung previously said that the company’s DApp kit allows for account management and backup, payment and digital signature facilitation, Samsung Keystore and other cold wallet support.