Cointelegraph is partnering with not one but two blockchain services by revered crypto 2.0 startup CoinDaddy. Together, these tools bring enhanced opportunities to both readers and advertisers alike courtesy of the Cointelegraph Media Group.

The partnership comes hot on the heels of CoinDaddy’s own launch of and, which provide transaction and asset analysis for the Counterparty and Dogecoin blockchains respectively.

The services allow users to gain a considerably greater insight into a transaction: the flow of assets can be visualized and further details can be seen regarding asset and broadcast details. Specifically, these include blockchain statistics, the latest assets to be registered and the most popular ones, as well as the latest transactions, issuances, broadcasts and burns.

“These sites allow anyone to explore and better understand the Counterparty and Dogeparty blockchains, while gaining an in depth perspective of the transaction details and history,” CoinDaddy explains in a press release regarding the launch issued this week.

Cointelegraph Media Group selected these new partners with the aim of increasing the breadth of industry covered by what has become the largest cryptocurrency media partnership in the world.

“We are excited about the latest technical additions to our Media Group and eager to see them reach their full potential with a wider audience,” Cointelegraph’s Business Development Director Victoria Vaughan said about the on-boarding. “The diversity of our partnerships in terms of industry reach has always been a key mantra for us; this way, Cointelegraph can appeal to every possible type of reader and give them what they want to see.”

Cointelegraph Media Group currently includes more than 10 partners from throughout the cryptocurrency industry, attracting a total of around 55,000 unique visitors daily. Ranging from household names such as and to the best specialist services, opinion publications and trending sites, the Media Group offers truly unparalleled reach for advertisers.

Campaigns are tailor-made and can include anything from a static banner and dynamic banners across multiple resources right up to full PR campaigns which use the scope and outreach of the Cointelegraph Media Group to maximum effect.

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