Cryptocurrency-accepting booking service Travala has seen its revenue for the month of December go up by over 33.5% month-on-month following a partnership with

According to a post published on the firm’s official blog on Jan. 1, Travala has also seen the total monthly number of accommodation nights booked through the service reach 1,528 in December, which is a 15.2% increase since November. Furthermore, the average room price increased by over 15%, from $115 to $133 over the same period.

Chart of the monthly accommodation nights booked through Travala. Source: Travala

Chart of the monthly accommodation nights booked through Travala. Source: Travala

Over 9% of December’s bookings were paid in Travala’s proprietary token, AVA. Furthermore, 28% of them were paid in Bitcoin (BTC), 8% in Bitcoin Cash (BCH), 37% with credit card and PayPal while the rest with other crypto assets. Overall, over 60% of the total bookings were paid for in crypto.

In November, Travala partnered with travel accommodation booking giant Since the cooperation started, the service started allowing its users to book any stay available on while paying with cryptocurrency.

Crypto and tourism

The tourism and travel industry is increasingly accepting cryptocurrency to facilitate transactions in an increasingly interconnected and global world. In November, Alternative Airlines, a travel company based in the United Kingdom, started a collaboration with cryptocurrency service Utrust to facilitate payments with crypto.

Furthermore, last summer the Scandinavian air carrier Norwegian Air announced that the firm plans to launch its own cryptocurrency exchange to facilitate the airline’s acceptance of cryptocurrency payments.