Cointelegraph is proud to announce the launch of our new regional website in the Czech Republic. 

With Bitcoin awareness permeating the consciousness of the globe, the Cointelegraph Media Group is fast-tracking this process by launching regional publications in a number of key countries to educate the public about the benefits of cryptocurrency. This week marks the launch of our new affiliate site in the Czech Republic:

Bitcoin in the Czech Republic

“The Bitcoin community in the Czech Republic is very large and active,” said the head of CT Czech Republic Karel Fillner. “Slush pool was the first mining pool in the world and we have many innovators with widely recognized products—for example Trezor. The public already uses 8 bitcoin ATMs with over 50 places where bitcoin is accepted.”

The Czech Republic is certainly a hotbed for cryptocurrency and while Prague is famous for its crisp pilsner beer, it is also home to the award-winning Czech guerrilla artist collective Ztohoven, which opened the Paralelní Polis in Holešovice, a space serving as a hacker space, a hub, as well as the world’s first Bitcoin-only coffee shop. Additionally, the University of Economics in Prague offers a course called “NXT for Students,” where students learn to develop applications for NXT on their own or in groups, and use these apps to earn more of the cryptocurrency.

“The interest of the people continues to grow,” continued Fillner. “People are inquisitive and looking for new information about cryptocurrency. It is also one of the reasons why Cointelegraph entered the Czech scene.”

Fillner added:

“Our aim is to become the most respected information source by working closely with the Czech Bitcoin community. Together we hope to raise awareness of the possibilities and advantages of decentralized technologies.”

The new Cointelegraph affiliates—which include the UK, Italy, South Africa, Slovenia, Greece, India, and now the Czech Republic—will be providing breaking news and information that will help their audiences better understand the ever-evolving world of digital currencies.

Cointelegraph will be further expanding its regional affiliates and is looking for more partners. Send enquiries to [email protected]

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