APR 13 DIGEST: Hillary Clinton Doesn't Want Bitcoins, BTCGAW.com Reported to FBI

Hillary Clinton has not followed in Rand Paul's footsteps to accept bitcoin donations; BTCGAW.com is accused of fraud and intimidation; Filipino start-up Satoshi Citadel moves to consolidate its domestic position in the BTC market and more top news stories for April 13.

Hilary Clinton won't be accepting bitcoin for her US$2.5 billion American election bid

In contrast to her Republican rival Rand Paul, election hopeful Hillary Clinton will not be accepting bitcoin donations to her election war chest. With estimates to the cost of campaigning being placed as high as US$2.5 billion, accepting funds in any form may appear desirable, but for now the newly announced Clinton campaign has not opened their fund to digital currency donations.

BTCGAW.com gets reported to the FBI over bitcoin purchasing scam and intimidation tactics

After offering users a chance to sell their bitcoins at a rate 11% above the consensus blockchain price, BTCGAW.com has been reported to the FBI for suspected fraud, and subsequent intimidation tactics against its accusers. Following accusations of threatening whistleblowers with DDOS attacks, planting stolen credit card numbers, and child pornography, the charges against the company now look to be much more serious than the initial wire fraud.

“I hopped on live chat, where the 'operator' threatened to DDoS me for ‘100 days’ and ‘make orders to get you arrested’ if I expose their scam on reddit/bitcointalk. He actually did DDoS my IP, but I just reset my router and hopped on a VPN in a few minutes.”

Filipino start-up Satoshi Citadel acquires domestic exchange BuyBitcoin.ph

Adding to a roster that already includes an order-book style exchange, and a remittance service, Satoshi Citadel has acquired the “over the counter” Philippine exchange BuyBitcoin.ph. The team describes the move in terms of rounding-out the company's offering to the BTC community in the Philippines. John Bailon, CEO of SCI:

“This acquisition brings us closer to our goal of completing the Bitcoin ecosystem in the Philippines. BuyBitcoin.ph is a great first-touch product for consumers, and even more valuable is the addition of great minds in Sam, James, and Lasse.”

Filipino start-up Satoshi Citadel acquires domestic exchange BuyBitcoin.ph

Veritas seeks to abstract intellectual property and embed in on the blockchain

Announcing its presale, Veritas is seeking to become a marketplace for intellectual property, goods, shares, and services, all traded through their own Veritas coins. Calling it a “commodity of capability” the start-up is offering some of its 21 million coin cap at a discounted price to early investors who can then later invest these coins in commercial offerings on the platform.

“Veritas are pure bitcoin-based tokens powering the Next Generation Veritaseum Value Trading System. These tokens will be offered via a "pre sale" for loyal followers of Veritaseum (formerly known as Reggie Middleton's UltraCoin) and represent pre-paid advisory/consultancy service