On Feb 26, the Crypto Virtual Summit 2015 will go live, offering the global crypto community a rare opportunity to connect and get a global perspective on the state of the crypto economy for free!

The event will cover everything from bitcoin adoption around the world to killer new apps, the building of a digital finance ecosystem, and crypto 2.0. The founder of the Crypto Money Expo, Eyal Abramovitch, explains that:

“By moving the local meetups and events to the virtual world, the organizer of the event Crypto Money Expo is creating a meta-meetup place that makes it easier for bitcoiners to mingle, network, share knowledge, and expand their business network right from their own computer and with no extra costs.”

the 2015 International Virtual Crypto Summit is

From February 26-27, the 2015 International Virtual Crypto Summit is bringing the well-established idea of the conference into to a medium more suited for the cutting edge world of cryptocurrencies. Attendees will find themselves represented by an avatar on a mass multiplayer online role-playing game platform, in which they can direct their character to interact with, attend, and take part in the summit's virtual attractions and events.

At the upcoming event, every attendee will get the chance to listen and participate in the lectures and presentations of people and companies from the US, Australia, Denmark, UK, Israel, Peru, Netherlands, Eastern Europe, and more.

Startups will be presenting pitches for investment in one hall, whilst in another the world's first virtual job fair for the crypto sector will be taking place, connecting job seekers and employees.

Further down the main hall, crypto companies will be showcasing their latest offerings and updating e-attendees on new features, innovative ideas, and technologies. The summit winds down with an event to celebrate the blockchain's 6th birthday giving the participants a final chance to mingle and network.

So if you are interested in expanding your business network and connecting to thousands of crypto professionals and enthusiasts, the Crypto Virtual Summit is the place to be. 

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Don’t miss the lectures and presentations from some of the most prominent members of the crypto community.  

Roger Ver - Bitcoin Evangelist and Angel Investor

Roger Ver

Anthony Di Iorio - CEO and Founder at Decentral and Decentral.tv, Co-Founder Ethereum and Kryptokit

Anthony Di Iorio

Sam Onat Yilmaz - Co-founder, Managing Partner of Decentralized Applications Fund

Charles Hoskinson - Director of the Bitcoin Education Project

Marc Barach - Jumio- Chief Marketing Officer

Manie Eagar - Co-founder and Chairman of the Digital Finance Institute

Adam Vaziri - Director Diacle

Mario Spercz - Founder of DIGI

As well as being completely free to attend for normal users, Cointelegraph is happy to announce that through its General Media Partnership with the summit, we are able to offer discounted booth rates for start-ups, investors, authors, and corporations looking to take their spot in this global gathering. To take advantage of this exclusive offer, get in touch with our team on [email protected] to get your discounted rate.

For the full agenda and list of speakers please go here

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