Unless you’re a hardcore crypto enthusiast with intense technical knowledge, it is highly unlikely that you’d know where to start when it comes to mining.

The team behind WinMiner, with a history of over 1 billion installs, is vowing to change all of this. CEO and co-founder Ariel Yarnitsky, the former general manager of the pioneering instant messenger ICQ, and co-founder Idan Feigenbaum, creator of one of the most popular download managers, Download Accelerator, are leading this initiative.

They say their “game changing” product easily enables anyone with a computer to turn spare power into an income and that over 190,000 users around the world are already doing that.

WinMiner says that it is no surprise that mining has been an “off-limits activity” for most. The WinMiner white paper states that “understanding the crypto coins concepts, how to mine and trade them, as well as how to safely keep them is too techy, complex, and even scary.”

It has devised a one-click platform which allows users to mine the most profitable coin  at any time (from a list of over 40 coins) “with no need for any prior knowledge of the crypto space.” WinMiner believes this will be the catalyst for successful adoption by a wide audience.

According to the company, what sets WinMiner apart from most token sale projects is that it is a live and working product with many users, its ease of use, the wide selection of payouts, and the smart optimized multi coin mining algorithm. WinMiner says it signed a pilot agreement with a publicly traded security company, with hundreds of millions of active users to be the onboarding platform for its users into crypto.

The WinMiner token will be the first token sale on the AION network.

Simplicity and familiarity

The team behind WinMiner says that simplicity and familiarity are two key ingredients which are vital for its platform to gain mass appeal. This is why its software is easy to install and to use, ensuring that a beginner can quickly understand what their spare computing power does and achieves. Earnings are in US dollars and “thus do not fluctuate with volatile crypto price movements.”

Payouts are also designed to be straightforward. As well as being able to get paid via crypto or USD, users can receive their earnings in the form of Amazon, iTunes, and Steam gift cards. The minimum balance at which payouts begin is currently set at $5.

WinMiner argues that opening the door to greater numbers of miners will decentralize the mining of supported coins, making the blockchain networks of these coins more stable and secure.

The company believes it is in a position to welcome a wider audience, after enduring the highs and lows of a challenging year for the crypto world – overcoming “traitorous” market conditions, as well as growth and scaling issues to get where they are today.

An array of settings

Although WinMiner takes 1-click to operate, its founders packed into it a wide range of ways for users to customize their experience. By default, the software kicks in whenever a computer goes into idle mode – ensuring that the owners get their full computing resources when they need them. Other modes allow users to manually switch the program on and off when it suits them. An advanced farm mode is also provided for professional miners.

Additionally, users can decide whether they want to pick which coins are mined, or let WinMiner’s smart algorithm make this decision for them. A “switch coin criteria” feature enables users to determine the threshold for moving to a more profitable coin.

A presale for WinMiner tokens, which are the heart of WinMiner’s ecosystem, is taking place until Dec. 31, 2018. Bicameral Ventures fund was the first to contribute with a participation of $1 million. In the second phase, people will be able to participate in the token sale by using the platform – and putting their earnings from mining, into buying the WinMiner tokens with a 40 percent bonus. It is hoped that this will enable people to take part in the event without having to bring their own money into the equation. The third and final phase will be a public sale.


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