Coinsilium, the London-based Blockchain accelerator and early investor in SatoshiPay, has announced the sale of their entire holdings in the company to Blue Star Capital. The sale has a per share price of 340 euros.

In addition to the sale, Coinsilium received 85 mln warrants for shares of Blue Star exercisable over the next three years.

Increasing investment

The growing awareness of cryptocurrencies has made SatoshiPay, the well-known processor of nanopayments for content, more mainstream.  

The company continues to develop its two-way payment platform with the IOTA Foundation in an effort to allow customers to exchange content for micro-fees.

Blue Star Capital, an investment firm focused on technology applications within media and gaming, sees enormous potential in the increasing micro-fee marketplace, especially within content exchange systems.

Coinsilium refocus

After two years with SatoshiPay, Coinsilium is seeking a new direction for their investment funds, specifically in diverse Blockchain technology applications. CEO Eddy Travia said:

“This is a most exciting time to be at the forefront of the Blockchain technology industry and the emerging Token Economy. We look forward to announcing some exciting developments to the market in the near term.”

The sale represents over 350 percent return on Coinsilium’s initial investment in SatoshiPay.