After publishing our series on Angelina Lazar’s war against OneCoin, one of our readers has accused Bitcoiners of bitter jealousy towards OneCoin. However, in a strong worded reply, Lazar has accused the leaders at Onecoin of sheer manipulation.

“Bitcoin is simply jealous”

In an email to Cointelegraph, a reader accused Lazar of being jealous of OneCoin, hence her “war against OneCoin.” The reader claims that the attack comes from Bitcoiners who are simply jealous of the increasing popularity of OneCoin. He further alleged a form of resistance by Bitcoiners out of fear that OneCoin will eventually replace Bitcoin as the number one cryptocurrency.

“Stop being jealous,” the reader writes in his email to Cointelegraph. “As a OneCoiner I know that Bitcoin is very jealous that OneCoin is doing much better than Bitcoin and will soon replace Bitcoin all the way because Bitcoin is too expensive and is losing ground. Stop bringing lies on the Internet that OneCoin is a scam or ponzi scheme, because it is not!”

“Bitcoin is not for the masses, because it is too expensive while OneCoin will be for everyone available now and later,” he continues. “Especially the people on this planet who have no bank account. OneCoin is the solution and Bitcoin will never be. Soon Bitcoin will not exist anymore, because OneCoin will replace it. See as example MySpace website replaced by Facebook and forgotten. Bitcoin will soon be history too. Live with it!”

“I am not a jealous person,” Lazar says in response to this allegation. “I truly have nothing whatsoever to be jealous about.” Lazar accused the propagators of OneCoin as people who try to manipulate the minds of others with wilful deceit or sheer ignorance or foolishness, and therefore need to be dealt with.

Bitcoin is “simply” on a different level

Lazar emphasizes that Bitcoiners do not have any reason to be jealous of the people at OneCoin. She describes Bitcoin technocrats as the most tech-savvy, smartest, sharpest and clearest thinkers with an extremely high intellect, who are the utmost geeks and nerds of this world.

“It is impossible to rival the Bitcoin technocrats,” claims Lazar. “You can only jump on the bandwagon, as they are the innovators and revolutionaries when it comes to cryptocurrency technology and trading. Who doesn't respect them doesn't respect the concept of cryptocurrencies, in general.”

Lazar accused the propagators of OneCoin of being ignorant and gullible, saying that they are trying to play in Bitcoin's arena, an area they understand nothing about. She likens the scenario to grade school children playing electricians, teachers or doctors without the education, developed mind, training or apprenticeship.

“It's just a game, and not at all real! As if any real electrician, teacher or doctor could possibly be jealous of such twerps, playing in their sandbox, trying to mimic them? Preposterous!” she says.

Lazar concludes by noting that the ultimate goal of her war against OneCoin is to break the programming of all those that have been bewitched in the OneLife camp, who speak about things they know nothing about.