Popular Twitter personality Dave Portnoy, famous for his motto “stocks only go up,” now wants to learn about Bitcoin (BTC) from Gemini co-founders Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss.

In a Twitter clip extracted from his latest daily show on August 4, Portnoy tells the Winklevoss twins he’d like them to “explain Bitcoin in a way that I would understand,” he said.

Portnoy stressed that he wants them to come in “their little rowing outfits,” in a reference to the movie The Social Network, where they were shown competing in Harvard’s rowing team.

Both Tyler and Cameron accepted the invite shortly after. 

Bitcoin in the ether

Portnoy recounted how he once bought BTC in “that original Bitcoin age” but lost all access to it. “I’ve spent 20 grand, it’s just sitting in the ether,” he lamented in what appeared to be an accidental pun.

He said that he does not know how to buy Bitcoin or how to maintain self custody of the asset once acquired, which is why he wants the Winklevoss twins to come and explain it to him. He also revealed in passing that he had already talked to them about this, but “they wanted a free ad.” Portnoy on the other hand wants “to get rich” by learning about it.

A viewer appears to have suggested he buys Chainlink (LINK) as well, though he immediately replied “I don’t know how, I’ve already explained.”

An irreverent persona

Portnoy is the founder of Barstool Sports, a sports news website. Since the coronavirus lockdowns, he has immersed himself in the world of daily stock trading, reportedly to make up for the closure of sports betting. 

He makes daily videos about his fortunes and misfortunes in the stock market, famously saying phrases like “stocks only go up” or “I have as much experience as Joe Dick Tom Warren Buffet.”

He reportedly inspired his followers to enter the stock market through retail platforms like Robinhood, though he is known for using E*Trade.

Portnoy and the Davey Day Trader persona are considered the poster child of irrational exuberance that led to events like Hertz’s post-bankruptcy rally or Dogecoin’s TikTok-fueled Rally.

The sudden interest in Bitcoin could be due to plunging profits in the stock market, as the latest rally is primarily led by a few very large stocks like Apple, Facebook and Microsoft. Earlier in the Tuesday show, he complained of a $40,000 loss on Shopify.

While the latest events could result in publicity for Bitcoin among stock traders who follow Portnoy, the interest is unlikely to last longer than the current rally.