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On March 26th Michail Chobanyan and his partners launched the first Bitcoin-selling agency Kuna in Ukraine. A closer look at the market reveals that the company...
First Bitcoin-Selling Agency Launched in Ukraine
Stanislas Bromden
The Klondike Coin was not launched today nor yesterday – it has been an active presence on the market and at least some of us noticed its existence since the 9t...
If You Won't Come to Klondike to Get the Gold, Klondike Will Come to You
Stanislas Bromden
The installation of a single Bitcoin ATM is always great news, meaning that another country or particular city with its inhabitants receives the opportunity to ...
Dubai Has a Chance to Receive the Biggest Bitcoin ATM Network in the World
Stanislas Bromden
While the overall thrill on Mt.Gox case has ceased, the Japan-based service succeeds to provide rather interesting news on regular basics. The only problem is t...
Mt.Gox Unable to Make a Surprise out of the Recovery of 200 000 BTC
Stanislas Bromden
While reading news on Bitcoin and other alternative coins get shocked and shaken? Often asking oneself the question where decentralization, libertarian ideas an...
Counterparty to Set New Standard of Fairness in the Cryptographic World
Stanislas Bromden
Just a day ago the representatives from various media from Internet magazines to spoken sources have attacked Jeffrey Smith with questions on the basic resource...
CEO.IX to Widen the List of Services with GHS Future Contracts
Stanislas Bromden
The Chief Information Officer of the platform CEX.IO Ltd. Jeffrey Smith has given an extensive interview to the Bitcoin News about the innovative approach of th...
Jeffrey Smith of CEX.IO on Business, Perspectives and Development
Stanislas Bromden
The Taxi Coin aims to provide the customers of carting services with a new payment method completed using smartphones. Similar apps exist for traditional – both...
Taxi Coin to Put the World on Wheels
Stanislas Bromden

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