The Cointelegraph Bitcoin Experts

  • Zach Thomas

    by Allen Scott

    Developer, Co-founder and Chairman of the fastest growing Social Media Platform for Crypto-Traders

  • Niall Maye

    by Cointelegraph

    Niall is a 3rd generation market trader with a lifetime’s experience in marketing, sales and networking. He is an entrepreneur who has been successfully investi...

  • John Barrett

    by Cointelegraph

    Self employed since 1999 as an Estate Researcher in the field of Probate Research. He has worked in the music business, Radio Promotions and Production, banking...

  • Gregory Adam Harmati

    by Cointelegraph

    Gregory Harmati is the founder of Seventh Continent Bitcoin-based Marketplace for digital products and services. His goal is to create the first economy for the...

  • Matthew Roszak

    by William Suberg

    Matthew Roszak, Technology investor and entrepreneur (founded 5 software companies), Tally Capital, Founder & CEO

  • Jacob Worsøe

    by Armand Tanzarian

    Jacob Worsøe bought his first Bitcoins in 2013 and started later the same year. He bought the bitcoins through one of the most popular excha...

  • David Johnston

    by Armand Tanzarian

    David Johnston is currently co-founder of the BitAngels and serves as the managing director for the Decentralized Application Fund.

  • Darren James

    by Armand Tanzarian

    Darren James has been an active member in the crypto community for over a year but has been an online and offline marketer for more than 10 years. He has worked...

  • Martin Albert

    by Armand Tanzarian

    Martin Albert is an advocate for the original purpose of Bitcoin, namely the decentralized, unregulated and private use of Bitcoin as independent and autonomous...

  • Rutger van Zuidam

    by Armand Tanzarian

    Rutger van Zuidam is an ecommerce entrepreneur and Bitcoin specialist from The Netherlands. He is the founder of Into Bitcoin, which serves as the starting poin...

  • Victor Escudero Rubio

    by Armand Tanzarian

    Victor Escudero Rubio has spoken at several economics conferences about Bitcoin, and he has written several articles plus recorded podcasts and videos about dec...

  • Ronny Boesing

    by Armand Tanzarian

    Ronny Boesing is the CEO of the Danish Bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchange CCEDK. He sends out new articles almost every week mentioning CCEDK; promoting partne...

  • Artem Tolkachev

    by Armand Tanzarian

    Artem Tolkachev provides legal consultation to a number of regional and international Bitcoin startups, and he regularly speaks at industry conferences and semi...