Cryptocurrency exchange service has publicly confirmed its support of SegWit, while avoiding reference to the SegWit2x hard fork.

In an announcement Thursday, SegWit2x proponent Erik Voorhees’ resource described itself as “one of the biggest senders and receivers of SegWit transactions.”

“ShapeShift is currently responsible for two percent to three percent of all Bitcoin transactions on Earth. All ShapeShift deposits are now SegWit compatible,” it confirmed.

“We look forward to further adoption of SegWit on the Bitcoin network, and strongly encourage other companies to integrate it into their software.”

The proportion of SegWit transactions on the BTC chain rose above seven percent this week, leading to pledges of continued support from well-known development figures such as Blockstream CEO Adam Back.

ShapeShift meanwhile, has taken a different line to that of creator Voorhees, who has been open about SegWit2x support.

A similar scenario occurred in July prior to the Bitcoin Cash fork, when the entrepreneur stated he would sell all his new coins immediately.

The runup to the hard fork has already begun in the exchange sector, with Bitfinex releasing dedicated futures-style tokens, allowing traders to gauge support for each chain.

ShapeShift competitor Changelly signalled at the end of September it would also fully support SegWit, while “opting for the Bitcoin community’s decision” regarding SegWit2x.

Before SegWit2x, however, Bitcoin Gold is due, with community and industry figures nonetheless considerably less vocal on an event that could quickly fall by the wayside.