Digital currency education site Coin Academy announces a partnership with college cryptocurrency clubs network the College Cryptocurrency Network to boost cryptocurrency education among American students.

As agreed on Monday, the partnership between Coin Academy and the College Cryptocurrency Network (CCN) will provide CCN with original digital currency courses to students across the US.

Both organizations underlined the necessity of such arrangements to foster education on cryptocurrencies. CCN co-founder and Executive Director Jeremy Gardner stated in a press release:

"The College Cryptocurrency Network is delighted to work with Coin Academy in order to fulfill our mission of blockchain and cryptocurrency education. Our collaboration will create an academic synergy for the masses."

Launched on September 1, Coin Academy was announced as "the first comprehensive digital currency education site." The service said it would be covering various facets of digital currencies, from security fundamentals to introductions to popular altcoins such as Litecoin, Dogecoin and Ripple, all free of charge.

Currently, Coin Academy is offering courses on Bitcoin ownership, Bitcoin as a merchant solution, the basics of digital currency ownership, and a history of the origins of the digital currency movement. Co-founder Ric Shreves stated:

"We are currently developing additional courses and will be looking to the CCN for their input on the creation of materials that will also serve the needs of their students. It’s our goal to produce the best digital currency educational content available."

Through this partnership, Coin Academy becomes CCN's educational content provider, an initiative aiming to "bring cryptocurrency education to campuses," read the announcement.

Announced in June, the College Cryptocurrency Network is an international non-profit organization aiming to assist in the formation of a network of college cryptocurrency clubs. The organization's development has taken root at the MIT, and is now quickly growing into an international network.

Last week, Cointelegraph spoke with Gardner for an interview, in which the young entrepreneur shared his future plans for CCN. 

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