The cryptocurrency market continues a slight uptrend with half of top 10 coins by market capitalization in the green on Tuesday, Feb. 27.

Total Capitalization

Bitcoin (BTC) has slowed its advance but still managed to increase by 3.79 percent over a 24-hour period with a current trading value of $10,812.50.

Among the top 10 coins, IOTA has seen the highest change of 8.21 percent over the last 24 hours, and is now trading at $2.04.

IOTA Charts

A number of other altcoins are growing as well. NEO has increased by 7.24 percent, trading at $144.98 at press time, while Ethereum (ETH) showed a little growth of 1.51 percent over a 24-hour period.

Conversely, some altcoins are currently in the red. Ripple (XRP), Litecoin (LTC), and Cardano (ADA) are down with a respective decrease of 0.24, 2.15, and 1.11 percent.

The total market cap hovers above $460 bln after a small sell-off yesterday at $420 bln.

The average Bitcoin transaction fee is at its lowest multi-month levels of about $2.4 per transaction, likely contributing to the cryptocurrency’s growth over the past couple of days.

Yesterday, Feb. 26, Cointelegraph reported on the milestone release of the 0.16.0 version of the Bitcoin Core client, which now fully supports the Segregated Witness (SegWit) scaling solution, designed to reduce transaction fees and confirmation times in the Bitcoin network.