This week’s headlines from Japan included SBI announcing a digital asset investment fund, Bitflyer Holdings using blockchain for shareholder meeting voting, Japan's Financial Services Agency warning two unregistered crypto exchanges, a Japanese digital asset exchange self-regulatory group changing chairmen, and Coincheck announcing launch details for its digital shareholder meeting platform. 

Check out some of this week’s crypto and blockchain headlines, originally reported by Cointelegraph Japan.

SBI unveils a crypto investment fund

As an option for individual participants, Japanese financial services entity SBI Holdings expects to form and open Japan's first digital asset fund at some point over the next few months, according to SBI CEO Yoshitaka Kitao.

SBI's daughter company, Morningstar, will head up the asset allocation between the three cryptocurrencies used in the fund — Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple's XRP. 

Bitflyer completes blockchain-based shareholder meeting

The parent company of Tokyo-based crypto exchange Bitflyer, Bitflyer Holdings, hosted blockchain-based app voting for its shareholder meeting last week. Built by daughter company Bitflyer Blockchain, the app, bVote, facilitated interaction in the digital shareholder meeting, which yielded attendance from Bitflyer brass and shareholders. 

Japanese regulatory agency warns exchanges

Japan's Financial Services Agency, or FSA, warned two digital asset exchanges for their lack of proper licensing. The two companies, Seychelles-based Bitforex, and U.S.-based Amanpuri, reportedly hosted usage by folks residing in Japan. 

Authorities will take further action if unregistered activity persists. 

Japanese self-regulatory agency gains new chair

Bitflyer executive Kimihiro Mine joined the Japan Cryptocurrency Trading Association, or JVCEA, as its new chairman, tallying the first chairman swap in entity's history. A digital asset exchange self-regulating group in Japan, JVCEA formerly held Money Partners CEO and president Taizen Okuyama as its chairman.  

Coincheck eyes release for digital shareholder meeting platform

Digital asset trading outlet Coincheck expects to see its digital shareholder meeting platform, Sharely, launch later in 2020. With its website now live, the solution facilitates online shareholder meetings, allowing participants the ability to pose queries and vote, or simply view the meeting, depending on the type of each attendee.

Coincheck looks toward potentially using blockchain technology as part of the solution, although it appears as though blockchain is not yet part of the equation.