Jaxx has announced it will be integrating Monero into its wallet. The popular multi-coin cryptocurrency wallet announced via Twitter that it planned to integrate the privacy-centric coin in the near future.

This integration will span all nine platforms supported by Jaxx, including iOS and the App Store, which have been notoriously picky about cryptocurrency in the past. Decentral CEO Anthony Di Iorio confirmed in a tweet that the Monero integration would hold true for the App Store as well:

Apple’s confusing App Store cryptocurrency policy

Cryptocurrencies have long struggled with Apple for inclusion into the App Store, without clear guidelines as to which currencies and wallets would be accepted and why. At one point several years ago, no Bitcoin wallets at all were available on iPhone, meaning that Bitcoin users were forced to either go Android or abandon mobile wallets altogether.

Dash also gained integration into Jaxx months ago as the wallet expanded past Bitcoin, Ethereum, and the DAO tokens (rest in peace). However, last month Apple threatened Jaxx with an exclusion from the App Store over its inclusion of Dash without providing a reason why it had singled out that coin in particular. Monero users seem to be off to a better start, and can only hope that Apple will not change its mind.

Monero’s rise from darknet dependency

Earlier this year, Monero rose to the top five in the cryptocurrency charts in an unexpected surge. This was largely due to do darknet market integrations from AlphaBay and Oasis, and resulted in the currency taking over part of Bitcoin’s unique user base. However, Oasis abruptly went offline in an apparent exit scam, causing Monero’s price to tumble.

Since the original darknet integrations, however, Monero has made inroads into more mainstream cryptocurrency avenues. In addition to the upcoming Jaxx integration, several peer-to-peer options to buy XMR for cash have cropped up. Monero’s “make it work” phase may be drawing to a close.