The number of global blockchain patent filings significantly outstrips the patent filings for other technologies, according to research by the Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property (IPI) and London-based law firm Withers & Rogers. British media outlet Compelo reported the results on June 5.

According to the report, the amount of blockchain patents in the world is far outpacing that of quantum computing, as the number of blockchain patent families has already exceeded that of quantum computing.

The report says that the number of blockchain-related patent filings has grown tremendously since 2014, with the largest amount of those having been filed in 2016 and 2017. As such, over the two-year period of 2016 and 2017, more than 2,600 blockchain patent families were reportedly filed worldwide, which is about 60% of total existing blockchain patent families.

With that, the amount of blockchain patents is expected to grow further, while blockchain will continue to be the top technology for global tech patents for the next few years, Withers & Rogers’ patent attorney Philip Horler predicted.

From a geographical standpoint, the United States is the leading country in terms of number of blockchain patent applications with around 1,680 filings. China follows the U.S. with 1,590 filings, while the United Kingdom is ranked third with 270 applications.

Blockchain Patent Landscape report. Source: Compelo

Blockchain Patent Landscape report. Source: Compelo

Recently, Chinese e-commerce giant was reported to have applied more than 200 blockchain patents, following its major competitor Alibaba that applied for 262 blockchain patents.