GoCoin CEO Steve Beauregard: “The Isle of Man Offers Many Competitive Advantages Over the US, UK, Luxembourg and Singapore"

Nearly 200 entrepreneurs, enthusiasts, private sector representatives and governmental officials were convened last week for the Crypto Valley Summit 2014 in the Isle of Man to share their points of views on numerous topics involving digital currencies and discuss the opportunities and challenges that is facing the industry.

The two-day event took place on the island from September 17 to 18 and gathered leading industry entrepreneurs from all over the world including the Founders of GoCoin, Steve Beauregard and Brock Pierce, the CEO of Counting House, Paul Davis, the CEO of Instabil, Jason Field, and the CEO of BankToTheFuture, Simon Dixon.

The experts discussed the future of digital currencies and tackled the industry's most urging issues, including regulation, cybersecurity threats, as well as more specific matters such as banking and card processing for Bitcoin, the future of the payments industry, global discrepancies in VAT and taxation schemes and the link between digital currencies and e-Gaming.

The Crypto Valley Summit 2014 was also the occasion to celebrate the leading position the Isle of Man has taken on digital currencies. In June, the Isle of Man announced its plan for developing a framework for the regulation of digital currencies, noting they should be recognized as properties rather than currencies.

In July, the Government shared further guidance on digital currencies regulation when noting that "certain activities relating to virtual currencies should be brought within the Anti-Money Laundering/Countering the Financing of Terrorism framework."

Without a doubt, the Isle of Man has been one of the most Bitcoin-fr