While many other accounts have seen reinstatement shortly following their bans in recent days, YouTube has still not brought the CrytptosRus channel back to life. It has now been three weeks since the channel creator's original petition for reinstatement. 

"My channel is still banned," CryptosRus host, George, told Cointelegraph in an April 28 email, adding that YouTube has not updated him on the situation. "I appealed the decision three times now," he said. 

YouTube bans for days

The social video platform banned and flagged a large number of high profile crypto YouTube accounts in December 2019. Many accounts saw restoration in the days following, although a number of channels began reporting further bans early in 2020.   

Tone Vays and Crypto Crow channel host, Jason Appleton, both saw their channels banned in April, although YouTube reinstated them within a couple of days. 

CryptosRus still down for the count

As many crypto YouTubers have gotten their channels back over the past several months, CryptosRus, a channel with a reported 64,000 subscribers, still remains out of commission. 

"I’ve tweeted to Team YouTube, YouTube, YouTube Creators and even Susan Wojcicki multiple times," George said. "I live chatted with agents more than a few times," he noted.

"I even emailed Susan explaining my situation and apologized," George said referring to YouTube's CEO, adding, "Nothing has helped thus far."

YouTube's crypto banning tendencies still remain a mystery. Some speculate, however, that the bans are associated with the platform's algorithm, Cointelegraph reported in a deep dive