Shaun Bridges, the secret service agent twice arrested for theft of Silk Road Bitcoins, has received a further two-year jail sentence for his second offense.

As Reuters, Ars Technica and others report Wednesday, Bridges who is already serving six-and-a-half years for theft, plead guilty to extended charges in August and received the verdict this week.

California judge Richard Seeborg commented on the events transpiring after Bridges’ first indictment:

“Particularly troubling is the fact that Mr. Bridges did engage in further efforts to conceal and need to steal after he had entered the plea agreement.”

Revelations about corruption within the Silk Road case first surfaced in 2015 after alleged leader Ross Ulbricht received life imprisonment for online drugs distribution.

“On or about July 28, 2015, while on release from the pending case… Bridges caused transfer of the approximately 1606.6488 seized Bitstamp funds in the online wallet that belonged to the US government into a separate online wallet at BTC-e controlled by Bridges,” the charges from August read.

BTC-e, now trading as WEX, had also seen its assets part frozen by the FBI as in ongoing investigations over money laundering.

In October meanwhile, US federal authorities finally gained access to the proceeds of the huge Silk Road sell-off, which now infamously came at the rock-bottom price of just $334 per Bitcoin.