Every week, Cointelegraph will do a roundup of all the businesses and the altcoins we have added during the week to our catalogs.

As this is the first such piece, we will cover all of the businesses and coins we have added to date. Premium entrants to our two catalogs pay for a full review of their business or their coin. Otherwise, we can post a press release from the business or altcoin developer or community for free.

New Businesses


Coinarch is an online trading platform that lets users leverage their investments and optimize their long or short positions with a couple of proprietary trading tools, the Booster and the Maximizer.

“As traditional investment tools have not been readily available for bitcoin in mainstream markets, Coinarch seeks not only to bridge the gap but also provide more flexibility for low and high-volume private traders, while maintaining maximal security and placing control and flexibility in the customer’s hands.”


GAWMiners sells physical and hosted Scrypt miners, and they do it very well (it’s been reported that the company outsold Overstock in daily Bitcoin payments when its Hashlet miner first became available).

“GAWMiners’ parent company, Geniuses at Work, is an established business in East Longmeadow, Massachusetts, with a broad group of successful technology companies, ranging from an ISP to an R&D lab to an advanced telephony solutions business. This is neither a fly-by-night company nor a guy working out of his garage.”


CEX.IO is a multi-platform on which users can mine and exchange their cryptocoins. CEX.IO owns the largest Bitcoin mining pool, GHash.IO.

“Due to the shared credentials between CEX.IO and GHash.IO mining pool, users can trade GHS and mine Bitcoins simultaneously. [...] All Bitcoin mining is done in the cloud, and once a block is mined, users receive payouts according to their shares via PPLNS. Apart from mining Bitcoins, users can simultaneously mine alternative cryptocurrencies, such as NMC, DVC and IXC.”

Zeus Integrated Systems Limited

Zeus is a mining hardware company that pivoted in 2013 to focus solely on building ASIC miners for Scrypt coins. It has operational centers in California and Hong Kong.

“Zeus miners have been sold to over 70 countries globally. Our distribution channels are reaching to the US, Britain, Hong Kong, etc., and the network is still expanding. We have taken a large share (>50%) in this business and we will continue to take the lead with fast evolving miners.”

PB Mining

PB Mining is an ASIC Bitcoin cloud mining service with its headquarters in Saskatoon, Canada and with the majority of its operations in Iceland.

“We are currently working our way up the chain to become part of the manufacturing process rather than just distribution from our current suppliers. That’s why 80% of our profits go directly toward our expansion efforts. And make no mistake, our team is composed of fighters. We have been hacked, and we have been pushed around, but our customers have never once had to stop mining.”


BTC.sx is a platform for trading Bitcoin derivatives. With offices in New York, the UK and Singapore, BTC.sx has processed transactions of more than US$50 million.

“This success, which includes the largest investment to date by Seedcoin, a virtual incubator for businesses focused on the promotion and acceptance of alternative currencies, underscores the strengths of BTC.sx — that the platform's security, reliability and transparency (as a matter of all public communications) distinguish it as an innovative and proven destination for traders who need — and deserve — a fast way to trade, sell or hedge their respective positions regarding Bitcoin.”


ShapeShift is a frictionless, nearly instant service for exchanging Bitcoins and altcoins. At the moment, only Bitcoin and Litecoin trading is supported, but more altcoins will be introduced once ShapeShift leaves open beta in mid-September.

“We wanted to rethink how exchange worked,” ShapeShift founder and CEO Beorn says. “It's hard for people to understand how much cryptocurrency can change things, so Bitcoin sites are often built with those old prejudices — like requiring the user to set up an account. ShapeShift distills the process of converting one coin into another into its simplest and most efficient form.”

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New Altcoins


ARcoin is a hybrid PoW/PoS coin based on the X13 algorithm. There are 500,000 ARcoins, and it uses the Tor network to maintain its users’ anonymity.

“One thing that could distinguish ARcoin is their promotion of the coin at Wall Street. Not to be misconstrued, the main idea behind this is to find potential investors on Wall Street. However, the promotion will be done by handing out pamphlets regarding ARcoin to potential investors and people working in finance.”

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