Adult entertainment website Pornhub has added a new cryptocurrency payment option after PayPal had abruptly stopped servicing its models in late 2019.

According to a Jan. 23 blog post, Pornhub now supports Tether (USDT) — a major United States dollar-pegged stablecoin — to allow instant and zero-fee payments via the crypto wallet and browser extension TronLink.

Pornhub supports Tron-based USDT

TronLink is a native wallet for Tron (TRX), the 12th largest cryptocurrency by market cap that is backed by the Tron Foundation. The USDT token became available on the Tron network after Tether and the Tron Foundation partnered and released the first Tron-based USDT tokens in April 2019.

In order to start sending and accepting payments in Tether, Pornhub models download the TronLink wallet app that is available both on Apple Store and Google Play, Pornhub noted. Alongside Tether, Pornhub is also now supporting a new payment processor known as Cosmo Payment.

Tron CEO Justin Sun subsequently commented about the news on Twitter, saying that the new crypto payment option is a good way to support “victims of centralized payment platforms like PayPal.”

PayPal halted its service for Pornhub due to alleged payment permission violations

The news comes after PayPal, one of the world’s biggest online payment processors, halted its payment support for Pornhub models in mid-November 2019. According to reports, PayPal stopped doing business with the site because Pornhub purportedly made some payments without its permission.

Following the news, the crypto community made a push for major cryptocurrency Bitcoin (BTC) as a new payment option on Pornhub. Meanwhile, Pornhub models were reported to have a lack of general knowledge of cryptocurrency, with some models noting that they did not know what crypto is.

Porn pushing crypto adoption?

Pornhub has been gradually working on promoting crypto use on its platform. In August 2019, the adult entertainment streaming website partnered with cryptocurrency payment and billing startup PumaPay to enable user payments in crypto.

Back in 2018, the adult entertainment website partnered with cryptocurrency Verge (XVG) to accept the coin as payment for Pornhub Premium and all Pornhub purchases. As reported by Cointelegraph, Verge’s price skyrocketed just after PayPal’s decision to pull the plug on Pornhub in November.