Report: Over 100 Fake Domains Registered Relating to Facebook’s Libra

Cyber threat intelligence firm Digital Shadows has discovered over 100 fake domains registered relating to Facebook’s forthcoming stablecoin Libra, the Independent reported on July 1

As of June 19, researchers at Digital Shadows had found over 100 domains registered relating to Libra and several dozen referring to the associated digital wallet Calibra, with some of them containing malicious content. The firm divided the websites into two groups — those impersonating Libra’s official website, and those promoting scams.

“Instead of relying on media buzz and hype around the brand, these types of scams instead aim to convince victims that they are on a legitimate website, and therefore more likely to trust it with their personal and financial data,” said Alex Guirakhoo, a strategic intelligence analyst at Digital Shadows.

Scammers reportedly use Greek, Cyrillic, and other alphabets that resemble the Roman one used in English to look like the official domain by, for example, replacing a lower-case “a” with the identical Cyrillic character “a.”

Digital Shadows identified one website that offered visitors to purchase Libra with ether (