APR 16 DIGEST: Peter Todd Foresees Greater State Interference in Crypto, Stellar adopts SCP Protocol

Peter Todd, a Bitcoin core developer has outlined his view that more regulation on all levels is on the way for the digital currency sector; Stellar adopts SCP protocol proposed by a Stanford professor; Gavin Andresen has called ex-Bitcoin Foundation board members Shrem and Karpeles a “black eye” for the organization, and other top stories for April 16.

Peter Todd expects greater, and more in depth, government regulation of Bitcoin

Bitcoin core developer Peter Todd warns that he expects increasing governmental regulation within the digital currency sector, not only at the level of exchanges and services, but possibly also within the core projects of cryptocurrencies. Such regulation would bring digital currency more in-line with the conventional financial sector, but will reduce the anonymity and decentralization prized by some community members.

“I keep talking to regulators at conferences who believe bitcoin simply must change to bring it in line with other payment systems; unfortunately this means adding identity information to bitcoin transactions and making it possible to blacklist funds.”

Stellar adopts Stanford professor's SCP protocol

Having based his new cryptocurrency around the idea of consensus formed through social trust of selected partners within the system, Stanford Professor David Mazières' SCP protocol has been adopted by Stellar following problems with their