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T. Steel Rose is a fintech pioneer and came to prominence as vice president of Solomon Software, now part of Microsoft.

He believes Bitcoin 2.0 will revolutionize the Internet with global currency and a public ledger system to document distributed contracts of all kinds, and is a first-mover encouraging established business adoption.

Pavel Krachenko PhD is an information security expert who has been involved with a number of projects including development of the mobile app for Ukraine’s Rabobank. He is currently working in the cryptocurrency startup scene.

Bastian Brand is a chartered financial analyst with particular interest in how cryptocurrencies can help diversify innovation during financial crises.

Lasse Birk Olsen is the founder of one of the first and largest European Bitcoin brokers, Bitcoin Nordic, and the first Bitcoin broker in the Philippines, He is involved in aiding the Danish national bank in producing its Bitcoin official literature.

Susanne Tarkowski Tempelhof started Wise Strategic Communication, the first Afghan strategic communication company, in 2008 and in the wake of the Arab Spring in 2011 started the Shabakat Corporation in Egypt and Libya to support local grassroots movements.

In 2013, Susanne realized the possibilities of using the blockchain for other applications, such as decentralizing law, and became a crypto activist.

Jeffery Smith is CIO of CEX.IO and GHash.IO as well as board member of the IXC community.

Joel Dietz is the CEO of SWARM, writes for Bitcoin Magazine and runs Ethercasts Youtube channel.

Adam Vaziri is the founder of HackCoin, the first digital currency hackathon in the UK, with the aim of creating a thriving digital currency startup community. The event is held in association with University College London and includes experienced business mentors, investors, angels and incubators.

Catheryne Nicholson is CEO and founder of BlockCypher, which powers blockchains in the cloud. She would like to see more women involved in Bitcoin and blockchain technology as enablers for change.

Max Wright is founder of, a hugely popular resource which instructs customers in how to protect their assets and profits in times of financial crisis.

Max’s book, "The Bitcoin Revolution - Ending tyranny for fun and profit," was for a time the top ranked and most downloaded Bitcoin-related book on Amazon.

Ron Gross is Executive Director of the Mastercoin Foundation, and founder and board member of the Israeli Bitcoin Association.

Fred Mazo is co-founder of Mundobitcoin, an advisor at Cryptor Trust, and a blogger and a Bitcoin technical analyst at elBitcoin. He studied for his GIA diamond grading certificate in London, which allowed him to trade diamonds internationally, and remains in the trading industry today.

Will Pangman has been working as a freelancer in the Bitcoin space for the past year as a business development and marketing consultant. He has been involved with numerous projects including BitcoinMIKE, his own creation, and the Bitcoin Foundation Education Committee. He is also a frequent guest on Bitcoin panels and in the media.

Joachim de Koning is the founder of Lands of Sheraga and the owner of Metasync . He builds payment solutions for altcoins and runs a projected called St0rmW1nd that is designed to stabilize even the smallest emerging coin markets.

Jeffery Tucker is the founder of the Laissez Faire Book Club and the chief liberty officer and founder of,  receiving his first Bitcoin in 2013.

Davi Barker edits at, founded and serves as launch coordinator at Bitcoin Not Bombs and is assistant director at

Kingsley Edwards is the founder and CEO of Leetcoin and the founder of the Las Vegas Bitcoin Meetup, which he hopes will help bring Bitcoin to the gaming and Las Vegas communities.

Jeroen Blokland presented at Bitcoinference 2014 in Amsterdam and will also participate in the World Bitcoin Forum in Bonn, Germany, in September. Since 2009, he has been a regular columnist for one of the biggest financial websites in The Netherlands.

Pantelis Roussakis is Vice President of the Australian Bitcoin Association. He moved into cryptocurrencies after a two-decade career in advertising, film and TV in Sydney.

Brian Fabian Crain is the founder and co-host of the Epicenter Bitcoin podcast, Europe's leading cryptocurrency podcast.

He also founded the Bitcoin Startups Berlin group, the largest and most active Bitcoin Meetup in Germany.

Stefan Molyneux is the founder and host of Freedomain Radio, one of the most popular philosophy shows in the world. His recent talks on freedom have gathered a huge amount of attention, and he continues to be an active representative at Bitcoin events.

David Lio’s work has involved pattern recognition, classification, and forecasting for engineering and business intelligence applications. His current projects include, cryptocurrency services consultancy, and, the world's first “country coin.”

Kristov Atlas is the author of Anonymous Bitcoin: How to Keep Your Ƀ All to Yourself, a practical guide to maximizing financial privacy with Bitcoin, and a correspondent for the World Crypto Network,

He is currently focused on improving the state of privacy in cryptocurrencies and educating the public on how to use them privately.

Patrick Dugan is a Virginia Tech graduate whose colorful history has culminated in Crypto Currency Concepts, which offers systematic, automated Bitcoin (and altcoin) trading via tighter spreads and more market depth.

A Bitcoin entrepreneur since January 2012, Christian Ander is the founder of Europe’s first over-the-counter exchange,

Geir Solem is Chairman of Cryptor Trust Inc. a global investment company in Bitcoin and crypto-related assets. He is also founder of Elliott Wave Technicians and chairman of Cornupia Capital Ltd.

Tony Gallippi is cofounder of Bitpay, one of the stalwarts of Bitcoin seeking to bring payment processing solutions for the currency to a high-profile international audience.

Juan Llanos is a member of the Bitcoin Foundation's Regulatory Affairs and Education Committees, writes about risk and virtual currencies on his blog, is an advisor and board member at various cryptocurrency and technology startups, and is a mentor for the Plug and Play Bitcoin acceleration program.

He’s also co-chair of the Digital Assets Transfer Authority’s AML & Compliance Working Group, where he’s helping draft risk management best practices for the industry.

Having founded America's first digital out of home company in early the 90s and one of Silicon Valley's first digital boutiques in 1994, Rik Willard is presently the CEO of MintCombine, a global virtual incubator and product lab headquartered in New York City that is focused on cryptocurrency companies.

Paul Snow is one of the founders of the Texas Bitcoin Association and the Texas Bitcoin Conference. He is also a contributor to Colored Coins and Ethereum.

Diego Gutiérrez Zaldívar was a pioneer in the Argentinean web development scene in the mid-1990s. He is one of the founders of the Argentinean Bitcoin Community, with more than 1000 members, and organized the first Bitcoin conference in Latin America.

Blake Anderson has been an information technology project manager specializing in infrastructural and math-based security for some of the largest corporations on earth. Having initially dismissed Bitcoin, after reading the whitepaper he quit his job to work full-time on what he describes as something which was “transcending the fault tolerance limitations in computer science and would change the world.”

Marco Streng is cofounder of Genesis Mining, now the largest Scrypt hashpower provider. 

Aaron Koenig is managing director of Bitfilm Networks GmbH, a production company that creates short animated films for clients, lately most of them Bitcoin startups.

He also serves as the General Secretary of the Global Bitcoin Alliance, a decentralized network of non-profit organizations that promote Bitcoin, and cofounded Bitcoin Exchange Berlin (BXB).

Daniel Krawisz is a Bitcoin commentator involved in educating people about the true nature of the currency and dispelling the many myths surrounding it.

Filip Roose is cofounder of Orillia, BitPay’s certified provider in Belgium. He also formed the Belgian Bitcoin Association, which he notes has helped change local media narratives from sensationalist reporting to sensible, in-depth coverage. 

Alternative trading mogul Thomas Ackermann is the Chief Technology Officer at Bitcoin Brothers, Berlin. His success came from the Barter Dollar industry, with his company buying up every other in the US, as well as several internationally.

Meghan K Lords is a writer, speaker and activist with Bitcoin charities, which is where she spends most of her energy evangelizing. She is also editor of Bitcoin Not Bombs and contributes to the Bitcoin Magazine and Young Voices.

Finance guru Jeff Berwick has been very active in the Bitcoin community and in media. He also writes about Bitcoin in his blog The Dollar Vigilante and speaks about the currency at conferences worldwide, including one in Spanish in Mexico City. He has been involved in other projects as well, including the launch of the world’s first Bitcoin ATM.

Fernando Ulrich is a Bitcoin education voice who participates in many conferences and other gatherings. He has a blog called Money in the Digital Age on Brazil’s largest financial news site, InfoMoney. Here, he writes about money, Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general.

In his own words, Roger Ver, dubbed the ‘Bitcoin Jesus’, “was the CEO and founder of, the first mainstream company to accept Bitcoin as payment.

“I then went on to invest in over a dozen Bitcoin-related startups more than a year before any of the traditional VC firms were paying any attention to Bitcoin.  

“Bitcoin has consumed my life for the past 3+ years. I spend every waking moment focusing on it and trying to speed up the benefits that it will bring the world.”

Matthew Slater has been involved with digital currency for the past 6 years, serving as commentator and remote critic. He is also cofounder of Community Forge.

Tuur Demeester is author of the financial newsletter MacroTrends, that goes out to investors in Belgium and the Netherlands. In January 2012, he added Bitcoin ($5 at the time) as part of the recommended currency basket. He has spent several years travelling to promote Bitcoin and provide education.

Separately, he co-founded the Murray Rothbard Institute in 2007, a center of research and education in philosophy of law and economic, as well as two private schools in Belgium and The Netherlands.

Luke Dashjr is or has been involved in a huge number of Bitcoin startups including bitcoind and Bitcoin-Qt, Spesmilo, Pay-to-script-hash, Eligius mining pool, Eloipool, getblocktemplate, BFGMiner, and Bitcoin Magazine.

He also helps companies build mining hardware, has conducted cryptocurrency research and maintains an IRC channel that publishes real-time Bitcoin statistics.

Elizabeth T. Ploshay has served on the Bitcoin Foundation’s Board of Directors in addition to contributing to the Bitcoin Magazine. She is also an account manager at Bitpay, and is actively involved in international philanthropic propagation of Bitcoin.

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