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Cointelegraph articles are more than just fresh news thanks to our dedicated team of experts from all over the cryptocurrency field – so we thought you should meet them and have your say in who else should be involved!

Whether it’s business, price speculation or editorial opinion, the Cointelegraph community involves the help of cryptocurrency gurus from all areas of the industry, from startups to bloggers to the household names you all already know.

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T. Steel Rose is a fintech pioneer and came to prominence as vice president of Solomon Software, now part of Microsoft.

He believes Bitcoin 2.0 will revolutionize the Internet with global currency and a public ledger system to document distributed contracts of all kinds, and is a first-mover encouraging established business adoption.

Pavel Krachenko PhD is an information security expert who has been involved with a number of projects including development of the mobile app for Ukraine’s Rabobank. He is currently working in the cryptocurrency startup scene.

Bastian Brand is a chartered financial analyst with particular interest in how cryptocurrencies can help diversify innovation during financial crises.

Lasse Birk Olsen is the founder of one of the first and largest European Bitcoin brokers, Bitcoin Nordic, and the first Bitcoin broker in the Philippines, He is involved in aiding the Danish national bank in producing its Bitcoin official literature.

Susanne Tarkowski Tempelhof started Wise Strategic Communication, the first Afghan strategic communication company, in 2008 and in the wake of the Arab Spring in 2011 started the Shabakat Corporation in Egypt and Libya to support local grassroots movements.

In 2013, Susanne realized the possibilities of using the blockchain for other applications, such as decentralizing law, and became a crypto activist.

Jeffery Smith is CIO of CEX.IO and GHash.IO as well as board member of the IXC community.

Joel Dietz is the CEO of SWARM, writes for Bitcoin Magazine and runs Ethercasts Youtube channel.

Adam Vaziri is the founder of HackCoin, the first digital currency hackathon in the UK, with the aim of creating a thriving digital currency startup community. The event is held in association with University College London and includes experienced business mentors, investors, angels and incubators.

Catheryne Nicholson is CEO and founder of BlockCypher, which powers blockchains in the cloud. She would like to see more women involved in Bitcoin and blockchain technology as enablers for change.

Max Wright is founder of, a hugely popular resource which instructs customers in how to protect their assets and profits in times of financial crisis.

Max’s book, "The Bitcoin Revolution - Ending tyranny for fun and profit," was for a time the top ranked and most downloaded Bitcoin-related book on Amazon.

Ron Gross is Executive Director of the Mastercoin Foundation, and founder and board member of the Israeli Bitcoin Association.

Fred Mazo is co-founder of Mundobitcoin, an advisor at Cryptor Trust, and a blogger and a Bitcoin technical analyst at elBitcoin. He studied for his GIA diamond grading certificate in London, which allowed him to trade diamonds internationally, and remains in the trading industry today.

Will Pangman has been working as a freelancer in the Bitcoin space for the past year as a business development and marketing consultant. He has been involved with numerous projects including BitcoinMIKE, his own creation, and the Bitcoin Foundation Education Committee. He is also a frequent guest on Bitcoin panels and in the media.

Joachim de Koning is the founder of Lands of Sheraga and the owner of Metasync . He builds payment solutions for altcoins and runs a projected called St0rmW1nd that is designed to stabilize even the smallest emerging coin markets.

Jeffery Tucker is the founder of the Laissez Faire Book Club and the chief liberty officer and founder of,  receiving his first Bitcoin in 2013.

Davi Barker edits at, founded and serves as launch coordin